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When are meetings and what can I expect?

Cal Poly's ISA is a professional club for anyone with an interest in the information systems field. We meet in Building 03 room 204 on Tuesday's at 11:00am - 12:00pm. At our weekly meetings company representatives present the different IS-related opportunities in their organizations and help guide information systems students in making professional decisions. Often these representatives recruit for internship and full-time employment. In addition to our weekly meetings, we put on several events throughout the year including the Spring Banquet.

Do I have to be an IS major to join?

No, ISA is open to all majors as we encourage cross collaboration and interdisciplinary networking.

What kinds of companies are showcased by ISA?

The companies that visit ISA are seeking motivated, intelligent, and energetic fast learners. Industry leaders like IT Consulting firms and 10,000+ employee firms that specialize in IS and IT. We also have start up consulting firms with 200 employees or less. In addition, we have companies whose primary lines of business are not IT, but nonetheless rely on a solid IT infrastructure. We hope that after attending ISA meetings, you will walk out feeling better informed about the career choices and opportunities that await you. For a list of current company sponsors, please visit our company page.

Are there any social events?

Definitely! ISA is not only about interacting with the company representatives, but also about interacting with your fellow IS students. The club hosts a variety of events throughout the year such as the Spring Banquet. Listen for announcements and check the website for events and registration information.

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